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We can help you with the incorporation process from start to finish; ONE STOP SHOP.

We offer a FREE consultation to discuss and help you decide if an LLC or a Corporation would best suit you and your future plans.

We offer a FREE consultation with an experienced CPA to determine what type of taxation is better for your industry, your current situation and future business or personal tax planning. You can select from our list of services and select those which match.

You can hire us to take care of the whole process from start to finish and save money when you purchase the complete package.

Special Offer!

Because we are part of a Business Service Group, if you incorporate your business with us, we can offer you one of the following services at no cost to you (you can choose one of the following service if you sign up):

  • QuickBooks File Setup ($300 value)
  • Payroll Processing Free Setup ($300 value) and Free First Month Processing ($100 value)
  • First Year Business Tax Return ($600 value)

The special offer is valid only if you buy the full package.

Choose your Corporation

There are many different entities available and understanding the difference between them may be complicated and confusing. We offer a free consultation at our office or by phone to help you understand which entity is the best configuration for your new company: LLC, Corporation, Partnership, No Profit, C-Corp, S-Corp and more

It is very important to decide the right entity for your plans and needs. In fact the kind of entity you choose, has implications about taxes, payroll, stocks and more.

During our free consultation we will learn about your business, the owners, your taxes and your future plans in order to help you make the right decision.

Setup your New Company

There are many important steps to start-up properly and in a timely manner to be sure your new business is in compliance. 

We will prepare your customized By Laws/Operating Agreement, prepare the Company Kit with all the stock certificates, initial board resolutions, Company seal. We also publish your articles and file with theIRS for an EIN number. If your Tax ID company is a no profit, we can apply for the non-profit status. If you want to be treated as an S-Corp, we can apply for your election.

It is very important to have professional support for each of those steps to be sure everything has been setup properly.

Stay in Compliance

For any corporate changes or yearly filings, you can count on our professionalism and speed. Corporate Amendments, new Board Resolutions, Ownership modifications, stock modifications, foreign qualifications, Annual Report, Minutes, Statutory Agent updates are some of the services you could need when you run your business.


Phoenix Success, Inc will always be available for a free consultation to help you decide what to do and how to do it.

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Why Phoenix Success?

Phoenix Success is part of Cailean Group Business Services, a group of companies created to serve small and medium businesses in Arizona. We provide multiple services: taxes, accounting, incoroporation, payroll, human resources, marketing and business consulting.
We are local, with offices in Peoria and this is a huge competitive advantage for your business: we can meet face to face to discuss your business needs and help you choose the right entity to start off on the right foot.
Our multidisciplinary team can offer a range of services that can really help you grow your business.